A Peek At Life On A US Navy Ship

US Navy seals are probably some of the most interesting jobs that one can have. Not only you are dedicating your life on defending the land of America, you will also serve and live within a ship. Because of this, so many people are interested in joining the navy because it means that they can serve and they can also have a new experience on the sea. But if you want to join the Navy, there are some things that you need to know and consider. To give you an example here is a little peek on how life on the navy ship.

You are not always at the sea

The most common misconception about life on the US Navy ships is that you will be mainly living at the sea. Well, that is not entirely accurate. Of course, some soldiers or personnel will see the sea a lot more often than the others. But most soldiers will also be posted on the shore and at the port of the station. Every sailor will have around three years of times to be assigned to one specific ship. It can be a ship, a submarine, or even just a port.

Back to School

If you think that life at the ship would be all fun, you are about to be wrong. Actually, after you are being posted whether it is at the ship or at the port, you will then receive the basic courses as a navy that is usually called the indoctrination. This is a navy course class that will usually be held for around two weeks. The courses will be adapted to which station you are posted. But most of the courses will cover the basic navy life knowledge such as the safety procedure, administration, career counseling, and so many others.

Daily Chores and Assignments

Living on a ship is practically just like living in a huge household with other five thousand family members. You will need to do your part in order to keep the mechanism of the household continues. For instance, the first three months on the ship, you will usually start with the most basic chores as a food service attendant. After that, you will move on to the decks as watchers. Watchers are important because this is the part where you are looking for a potential threat to the land of America.

Entertainment is available

You might think that navy seals can only do their chore and assignments on a daily basis. Even so, you will still get plenty of relaxing time and also some personal time. First, you will usually be allowed to go to the town at times. You can enjoy the city and go to the bars to meet the locals. It is also possible for you to enjoy small entertainment on the board of the ships such as the recreational room. Within the recreational room, there are usually TVs, games, and also a library where you can read good books and enjoy your spare time.

Ship Life

There might be many things that you don’t know about US Navy and the life the US Navy ship. For those who are interested in joining US Navy, more details about the life on US Navy ship might be helpful for you. There will be further information that will tell you more about onboard life on US Navy ship. It can be the chance that you can get if you are interested in joining US Navy. You will find that having enough detail about on board life will help you prepare yourself especially when you plan to join US Navy.

Let’s Find Out More

There are many things that you need to know about the how people have their life on US Navy ship. For those who has no experience or no information before related to living on board, you will have many things to ask. What you are going to find below will tell you briefly about the life you can get on board with US Navy. You might find some new things about living on board that you might not know before. Things like the work environment and what you are going to do on board will be common things that you will have in your mind. This is why the following explanation will tell you more about it.

Things like the deployment and how you will sleep and work on the ship might be those things that you have imagined before. Today, you will find out a bit more about them that will tell you will have those things on the ship. Moreover, you will find even better thing like the adventure and travel that you can get by joining US Navy ship. The adventure is the first thing that you can get by joining the US Navy and living on the ship. The sailing on a Navy ship will give you the experience of the sunrise and sunset in different places in the world. Furthermore, US Navy will also arrange your living on board to make it comfortable for every crew.

The next thing is the deployment that you will get on a US Navy Ship. This is an important part of living on the US Navy ship. You will find a certain period of the assignment on the ship. You might have the question about the deployment on board. The answer is there will be a different period for each type of deployment. For instance, you will have 6 to 9 months for carrier deployment and there will be around 3 to 6 months for the most other ships deployment.

Other than those things above, you will also find some other things such as how you will spend your free time and about your living quarters. Knowing those things will be very helpful to give you more ideas on what kind of life you will face on the US Navy ship. Finally, you will have your free time even when you have to live on board. This is how the life on board can be comfortable for you with those facilities offered

Life As A Navy Sailor

The United States Navy is undoubtedly the world’s most powerful sea force. Its naval fleets are positioned almost over the world and have been serving not only the country but also providing military aid to various areas that need help. With this incredible reputation, the U.S. Navy has attracted many young generations who want to participate in serving the nation and maintaining humanity’s safety. However, navy officers do not always engage in combats; especially when they are not on a mission. The life inside the U.S. Navy ship is actually not that different than the life of civilians.


Living areas for navy officers in the ship is not less comfortable than the ones in barracks or housing complex in the base. Sailors still get a decent room that gives them privacy, a rack to sleep, and enough storage to keep their belongings. The deck is the center of the crews’ entertainment center and a place to get meal as well. They can relax and watch television or play some games with others. Foods are always prepared by the crews in the kitchen at every appropriate time. Mail service is also available to accommodate those who want to keep in touch with their beloved ones.


Working aboard a U.S. Navy ship gives people more benefits than they think. Whether it is in a duty or in regular days, being in the fleet means that the crews will be travelling to different places on many occasions. Although navy ships are docked at their base most of the time, U.S. Navy bases are not only located in the country but also in other countries around the globe. That means sailors are also going to work with people from a diverse background during their time serving the navy.

Job Possibilities

Being a navy officer is not always related to weapons and handling the ship. In reality, there are a lot of other job opportunities that recruits can get. The following is the list of professions that are needed in various kind of naval fleet:

Aviation – Even though fighter planes and helicopters are flown by pilots, they cannot work alone. Maintaining their machine and helping pilots to launch and land on the deck are not less important than flying a plane.

Information and Technology – In the era where digital technology covers almost everything, naval ships are accommodated with highly subtle equipment as well. There have to be professionals who can be trained to use those equipments for duty purposes and maintain them.

Health Care – Crews’ health is ensured by the navy, so there need to be the human resources that are professional in this aspect; especially when the ship is cruising and away from land. The navy is open to physicians, nurses, dentists, and clinical specialists.

Business and Legal – There are also job options that are done behind desks. Officers in the business and legal aspect are responsible for supplying ships with consumable goods, fuel, and other things that keep the crews provided.

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